Monitoring and Evaluation has become a very important discourse in the development sector. Monitoring and Evaluation helps assess effective use of development aid as well as measure the impacts of projects in the lives of the targeted beneficiaries. Without Monitoring and Evaluation donors and stakeholders would never know where to put their money. M/E is a process that starts with project planning , project implementation through project impact after the project has closed. M/E therefore is part and parcel of development programming.
To underscore its importance, Monitoring and Evaluation officers and specialists earn better than other cadres in development organizations .
Our course in monitoring and Evaluation will take the students through the difference between Monitoring and Evaluation, M/E Planning, M/E Design, Work plan development, M/E Matrix, M/E tools, data collection and analysis, report writing and communicating evaluation activities and results.
This course will help the learners understand the components that contribute to results based M/E as well as continuous learning. The overall benefits to these course is increase ones analytical skills, enhance ones project performance, and support decision making for the implementers, donors and stakeholders.
The course targets development professionals such as M/E officers, researchers, project officers, project assistants, project officers and other officers keen on results based development. Course Units
· Defining Monitoring and Evaluation
· Monitoring and Evaluation Concepts
· Indicators, Outputs, outcomes and impacts
· Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
· Monitoring Plan
· Project Implementation Plans
· Log Frames and Log Frame approach
· M/E Matrix
· Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and Methods
· Data collection , Data Analysis and Management
· M/E Report Writing
This course is offered through distance learning.
This Six month course is offered through distance learning approach.
Course Begins on 1st of every month.
Course Level: Diploma Course
Cost: Amount €1000 ( Inclusive of 21% VAT)

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