Course Overview

Procurement and Supply Chain Management is a very important element in the development programming and delivery of goods and services. Procurement and supply chain management system ensures that quality goods and services are procured and delivered on time and that the organization gets value for money. Procurement is however not only about purchasing. It’s about the whole process and system that includes planning, rules and principles, budgeting, pricing, tendering, competitive bidding, selection criteria, stages of contract negotiation and contract management, delivery, payment and logistics management.
Training Objective
The objective of this course is to help increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the procurement and logistics system in an organization.
Course participants are expected to be able to do the following on completion of this course:
a) Understand principles and procedures that apply in public and private procurement processes
b) Account and take responsibility for every stage of procurement plan and work towards strengthening and improving on the existing procurement systems.
c) Follow Netherlands best practices to deliver timely procurement services
d) Work with other departments to safety the integrity of the procurement system in timely delivery of quality goods and services.
Targeted Personnel
Procurement and finance officers, purchasing and supply chain officials and other professionals in the procurement and supply chain in a development organization.
Course Modules
· Introduction to Procurement and Supply Chain Management
· Procurement Environment
· Logistics
· Procurement Planning
· Competitive Tendering and bidding Processes
· Tender Evaluation
· Administrative reviews
· Procurement audits
· Procurement Ethics
· Procurement Fraud
· Procurement and Record Keeping/ Document
· Logistics and supply chain
· Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
· Current Trends in Netherlands Procurement
· E-Procurement
· Supply Chain Management systems
Course Begins on 1st of every month for Six Months.
Course Level: Diploma Course
Cost: Amount €1000 ( Inclusive of 21% VAT)

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