Over the years, women’s health has been defined by reproductive health issues.

It’s important to focus on women’s sexual and reproductive health because it touches on key areas such as ; sexual conditions such as cervix and  breast cancer and HIV/ AIDS  which are some of the leading causes of morbidity and  mortality among women. Sexual conditions such as cervical cancer are unique to women and receive inadequate attention. Sexual and reproductive health circumstances such as pregnancy and menopause are other health conditions greatly affecting women. The inequality of power in many sexual relationships  also  has an impact on the sexual health of women.

This Diploma on Reproductive Health  acknowledges gender gaps which are as a result of cultural stereotypes and addresses reproductive health as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. It looks  at length the problems  that socio-economic inequalities have on sexuality and sexual  health.

The essence of this course is to hold up sexual and reproductive rights as well as respect for the dignity, equality and rights of all people as far as public health  and social equality issues are concerned.

After  taking this course, students can further their studies  as researchers or reproductive health  practitioners, get involved in programmatic work in  advocacy work, policy or evaluation research, or in  service delivery.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Reproductive Health
  • Sexual history
  • Contraception
  • Pregnancy Management
  •  Medical aspects of termination of pregnancy
  •  STI diagnosis and management of bacterial and viral sexually transmitted infections
  •  Cervical screening
  •  Common gynecology (including issues for adolescents, sub-fertility and menopause)
  •  Adolescent health
  • Vulvae health
  •  Breast health
  •  Male sexual health
  •  Sexual and relationship counseling
  • Sexual and gender diversity
  • Sexual assault and family violence

This course is offered through distance learning.
Course Period:  Six Months ( Course starts on 1st of Every Month)

Course Amount 1000 Euros ( Inclusive of 21% VAT)

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